• The Christmas Wish / The Brave Little Puppy Book By Per Breiehagen and Lori Evert

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    Be Brave . Be Kind . Believe

    In this board book adventure, set in the wintry world of New York Times bestseller The Christmas Wish, Anja’s curious puppy gets lost in the woods! Luckily, his many kind forest friends—a polar bear, lynx, reindeer, squirrel, fox, and more—help guide him back to Anja’s arms. Husband-and-wife duo Lori Evert and Per Breiehagen have brought us another breathtakingly beautiful photographic adventure about their daughter, Anja, and her woodland friends, and introduce readers to her brave puppy, Birki.  7.5" x  7.75"

    Inspired by his native Norway and his snow loving daughter, Anja, award winning photographer Per Breiehagen and wife, Writer Lori Evert created a series of striking images of Anja dressed in traditional Norwegian clothing and Sami reindeer shoes. The photos show Anja interacting with reindeer and other Arctic animals.