• The Christmas Wish / The Reindeer Wish Book By Per Breiehagen & Lori Evert

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    A Child . A Wish . A Friendship

    It is Christmas Eve in the far, far north. Snow is piled high around her house, school is out, and Anja is feeling a bit lonely. Though her wish is for a puppy, she soon finds a friend of the likes she could only have dreamed —a baby reindeer!So begins the magical story of Anja’s friendship with Odin the reindeer, the adventures they share, and the choices they must make. 9.5" x 12"

    This is the third tale in the breathtaking series by husband-and-wife team Lori Evert and award wining photographer, Per Breiehagen featuring their daughter, Anja. The magical Nordic world the family has created draws us in again, and is one we will often revisit and won’t quickly forget.